Important Considerations For Android App Developers

You are a good mobile android app developer in Singapore and trying to make a new app for the first time or in the process of going ahead with the apps development in your career. No matter you are looking for the number of downloads or good amount of money the final objective of yourself is to make up some good and useful app for the mobile users. That is a great thing and you can very well do it yourself with a little more exploration and a little more time spent towards it.

If you have developed an app for Android or looking to develop an app for Android, you need to look into the market. You need to know what the position of the market of android is.

For app development in Singapore, initially, you are required to see the one that makes you free from huge investment of the budgets. In case you are looking to make up more money initially or as a part of your career as an app developer in Singapore, you need to go in developing the apps for iPhone or iPad. Initially, as a new developer, it would be a bit difficult to make money on the apps designed for Android. The number of downloads and so the proportional generation of the money would be difficult with the android apps. However, it is up to you to decide, which one to go ahead. If you are very sure that your market demographic is suitable and does better, there is no harm in selecting the Android anyway.

If you look for mobile app development in Singapore in order to promote your business or your client’s business, you need think seriously about selecting Android. Once you upload your app, it is going to be live in just 30 minutes of time most probably.

Once you decide upon to use either Android or the other alternatives, the next thing to look for is the price. Is your app suitable to be offered free of cost to download or the users have to pay to download your app? If you have developed a game or something related to the entertainment, you may have to offer it for free of cost to increase the number of downloads. It is because there are a good number of competitors and people likely to spend less for the entertainment like games etc. In case the app that you have developed is completely niche application, there is no harm in setting some price to download. It is important to set the right expectations for the user before the download and the features and app should justify your promises and commitments.

If you are an experienced app developer in Singapore and have got good reputation already making a good mark in the industry, there is a possibility that you charge to download your app. You can also look for developing apps that serve as a promotional tool for the businesses in your local areas. You would get a good reputation and proportionally the reward that you deserve. Have a great app!